Be present. Live in the moment.

by Caroline Lucas - 16 January 2024

All the self-help, self-development and self-improvement gurus tell us to live in the moment, to not look back with regret and worry, and to not live in the future with fear and anxiety – no what ifs, or shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

To be present.

Now I am by no means a life coach or any sort of theorist or philosopher on how to live your best life, but I am able to provide you with the time and space to allow this “being present”.

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The camp is set up in such a way that everything that you do requires you to keep your wits about you.

Everything is new and different, from eating food prepared on the open fire, to making hot water through a donkey boiler for your safari shower, to living in an open cabin. (Everything is comfortable and easily manageable, but you need to pay attention.)

And obviously going out on a game drive – being in the open air, in natural surroundings with magnificent views and amazing animals and birds – lends itself to living in the moment.

So treat yourself to a break and a few days of self care. We’ll look after you and keep you fed, warm, and entertained for as long as you are with us.